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Rules & Expectations


Even when a lifeguard is on duty, children must have an adult(18+) accompanying them in the pool at all times.
The adult must be attentive and within grabbing distance
of the child at all times.
When no lifeguard is on duty, children must have an adult(18+) supervising them from the pool deck or from in the pool.
Adult must stay fully attentive to the swimmer at all times.
For your child's safety as well as following Idaho's legal codes, not following the above rules will result in your removal from the pool. Any CARC employee has the right to give you a verbal warning as well as removing you from the pool.

Pool Rules
1. NO diving or flipping into the pool
2. NO alcohol or glass
3. NO pushing or rough playing in our around the pool
4. NO running on the pool deck
5. NO vaping or smoking on the premises 
6. NO gum or food in the pool or on the pool deck

1. You must be 16 years or older to enter the fitness room
2. Food, gum, and glass items are prohibited
3. Clean gym shoes are required
4. Proper closed-toe shoes are required
5. Keep personal items out of the way of other patrons
     Lockers are available to put personal possessions in.
6. Respect our facility and our equipment 
     Anyone found damaging equipment will be held financially responsible
     Anyone found damaging equipment will be subject to disciplinary action 

Please follow these rules when you visit our facility.
They in place to keep yourself, other patrons as well as our staff safe.
If you are not following these rules, you will receive a verbal warning.
If you continue your behavior, you will be removed from the premises.