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Community Partner Memberships

Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center recognizes the benefits of partnerships and giving thanks to those that serve our community. Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center will extend a 10% discount on memberships to employees (18+) for the following groups and agencies:
    Valley County Government 
    The City of Cascade
    Cascade Rural Fire District/EMS
    Cascade Medical Center
    Cascade Forest Service

The implementation of this discount shall be performed in one of two ways.
1. Payroll Deduction
The agency may elect to perform a payroll deduction from the employee and directly pay Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center monthly for those memberships. Paying these memberships shall be the responsibility of the agency. The agency shall provide a list of enrolled employees and notify Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center regarding new memberships and cancelled memberships. Furthermore, the agency shall be permitted to include add on memberships for their employees at the standard current rates provided by Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center.
2. Employer Letter
The agency’s human resources department shall draft an email or letter to Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center listing eligible employees. This letter shall be updated annually by January 1st for the new calendar year. Newly hired employees can be added and removed from the list, via email or letter, written by the agencies human resources department at any time. Under this option, membership fees shall be the responsibility of the employee and shall be paid directly to Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center.
Cascade Aquatic & Rec Center would like to thank our community partners for their service and support. We firmly believe that exercise and recreation positively contribute to the wellness of an individual.